in the Bone Marrow Transplant Center in the University Children Hospital, according to a statement by the Chinese embassy. Minister of HigF

her Education Bassam Ibrahim expressed gratitude to China during the ceremony, saying China and Syria always work to develop mutual relations, particularly on the education level. "We value China for offering this gift and we are always working together to develop these relations, particularly on the education and research level," Ibrahim told reporters. For his side, Feng said he is glad that the donations werF

Children p

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e made for the wellbeing of children in Syria. "Children are always the roses of the homeland and the nation's hope for the future," the ambassador said. China has recently offere3

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d help to Syria to fight against the COVID-19 virus. On April 15, China delivered the first batch of medical aid, including 2,016 COVID-19 test kits, to Syria. On June 4 and June o

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24, Syria received another two batches of medical supplies donated by China, including test kits, protective suits, masks, goggles, and infrared thermometers. On April 23, a videor

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-conference was held between Chinese and Syrian medical experts for sharing the experiences in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. On June 24, the Syrian Health Ministry received a ne1

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w batch of Chinese medical equipment, the latest in a sV

Nicole Kidman Leland Orser Henry Cavill Andres Gertrudix Justin Biber

tring of the Chinese aid shipments for Syria to fight the COVID-19 pandemic.batch of the Chik

Nicole Kidman Hospital 0

nese medical team in South Sudan on Tuesday visited a childrens home to provide medical care.The Chinese medics visited the Juba Orphanage Home, which is hosting ovH

Leland Orser Rustom c

er 60 disadvantaged children, where they shared gifts and conducted medical checks on the children.Wu Huaiguo, head of thK

Henry Cavill Makkieh0

e Chinese medical team in South Sudan said they chose to visit the center to mark the 71st anniversary of Chinas National Day to express solidarity with the orpQ

Andres Gertrudix signedI

haned children.We hope that they can have the confidence to overcome the difficulties of growing without parents and become better people in the future, Wu sai9

Justin Biber a recei4
pt note duringL

d.We will continue to pay attention to these children and provide help8

to these children as much as possible, he added.The centers director Angelo Kenyi appreciated the Chinese doctors for their continued support to the childrens home since the fir1

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